Art Twerks

The Home of Serious Satire

Art Twerks is dedicated to artful satire in the world of art: regaling you with various offerings related to art – and on occasion, other fields. And although we can’t promise you will attain a higher state of consciousness, you may at least be inspired to look at the world around you in a different way.

Art Twerks offers you a satirical take on various aspects of the fine-art world, with some meaningful stuff thrown in just for spite. Our aim is to entertain, provoke, and illuminate; and perhaps even to inspire you to support the essential, life-enhancing, soul-feeding work of artists.

  • Experts Corner offers opinions and commentary by the world’s foremost experts in art and other related fields, or so they tell us.

  • Gulley’s World is the place to get the latest and greatest (ahem) research and art advice straight from the horse’s mouth–that being Professor Gulley Jimson.

  • Dialogues are lively debates between dead artists and other participants.

  • Dark Matters covers intrigue, forgery, deception, espionage, and other amusing goings-on from the dark underbelly of the opaque art market.

  • Blue Food offers a buffet of art speak, provocative thoughts, poems, and other delectables that are more serious in nature.

“Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.” ~ Danny Kaye

It’s almost too easy to decry the crass, money-driven state of today’s marketplace, or the cynical, less-than-inspiring “art product” commonly on offer by those for whom the real art of the art market is the marketing. Our pages serve, instead, as sincere reminders of what art is for – and are much more fun.

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