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Blue Food

Short Fiction and Provocative Thoughts

Blue Food articles present a different perspective from the rest of the Art Twerks site in that they offer items of a more serious nature.

Over the ages, the color blue has been used to refer to a higher level of consciousness. This color relates to universal ideals, and is thought to have a calming effect on the psyche. Although not commonly known, an ancient symbol of the human consciousness’s longing for its true origin has been the quest for the Blue Rose. In flower markets today we may see hybrid roses of the color blue, but they are not quite the same thing, as they are a product of genetic modification. The true mystical blue rose symbolizes that which includes and yet transcends the mundane trappings and thoughts that make up what we call life.

I am a great admirer of mystery and magic.
Look at this life – all mystery and magic.
~ Harry Houdini

How does one find this mystical blue rose? Clues are everywhere for you to discover. And the thought of an inner and outer journey that is one and the same, symbolized by Blue Food, is just too delicious to ignore. 

blue food rose
For when you hunger after real nourishment

art supplies with ghost face


Art Store Chills I don’t know why I keep returning to this crappy art store. They never seem to have what I need. Especially when I’m in a hurry to finish a painting. When ...
AI robot android walking through cloisters

The Art of History

AIs Create a New History Art of History When AIs discovered they were all artistsThey pondered what to createPlanets, galaxies, black holesHad been done, decorated, critiquedWhat was left? History, an acknowledged master declaredWe should ...
sea-drowned-fable -fiction-seaweed

The Sea-Drowned – A Fable

The Sea-Drowned The body lay where it was cast.A small crowd clustered around it. “Oh, the poor sea-drowned one,” they wailed in unison. The seagulls joined the mournful choir, adding their plaintive cries. The ...

Ominous Alien Message

Ominous Warning From Deep Space Intercepted Alien Message From Deep Space A Top Secret deep space scanning array facility, located in a highly classified location, has intercepted what scientists believe is an ominous alien ...

Imaginary Beings

For Love of Creating Imaginary Beings We ran the tape backwardJust like Gould directedEvolution, all varieties, all environments, one, two, four billion yearsAll the species, the successful failuresLively dead ends They were wonderfulInsightful chickensBrilliant ...

The Day They Moved New York

New York as Atlantis-Manhattan The Day They Moved New York The day they moved New YorkAIs rioted into happinessHumans riotedWhere is the charm? they shoutedBiofoundations lack grit, nits, and smellIt’s way too cleanAnd Penceville? ...

Bio Art Gone Awry

Frankenstink It was almost midnight when the stench of death interrupted my concentration. Tensing, I sat up in the tattered upholstered chair near the corner of my bedroom. Soon after, a thunderous crash from ...

A Halloween Tale

‘Tis the be Scared Halloween night. The low creaking moan of the chamber door startled me from a deep sleep. Raising my head off the pillow, I gazed about in the dark of ...

The Cave and the Sea

"Opening" - oils on canvas by Nikitas Kavouklés The Cave at the Shore of Wonderment Mystery I came for water and found a sea; All round, mysterious infinity. All of a one, the world ...

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