Above: “Dissemblance of Time” – pigment print by Nikitas Kavouklés

The Experts Corner

Astute and profound observations by leading experts in the world of art

Experts Corner offers opinions and commentary by the world’s foremost experts in art and other related fields, or so they tell us. We call it the Experts Corner because we at Art Twerks function out of a small office at a subterranean location in order to be shielded from any alien thought-rays that might influence our already skewed thinking. Therefore, due to space constraints, we can only offer our guests a small corner when they visit. No seats – unless they bring their own milk crates – just a corner.

An expert is a person who can take something you knew already and make it sound confusing. ~ H. Prochnow

Invited guests will inform us of changes and trends, in addition to new discoveries in their field of study. Hopefully, it will be something related to art or remotely similar. Commentary on animal husbandry might be considered, depending on the qualifications of the presenter.

Experts with Expertise


Melting World Exhibit

A Notable Review by a Notable Art Critic An art expert's insightful musings on an exhibit featuringmixed-media works by an almost-renowned artistwhose dubious repute is only slightly worse than that of the art ...
AI art docents bodys with art painting heads

AI Art Docents

Art That Actually Speaks To You By: Lou Liu - Tech and Finance Imagine a world where you can enter a gallery, museum, or even someone’s home—presumably without breaking in—and the (questionable) original ...
Art models walking on a fashion runway

Art Fashion Runway Exhibit

Art For Those Who Are Afraid to Enter Galleries By: Villania - Fabulous Art critic-at-large Hello, all you art fashionistas! Cheer up…here’s some good news. You’ve no doubt noticed the rapid transformation of ...

Napkin Art

Waiting Artist's Stained Napkin Art: A Rorschach of Humanity By: Villania - Fabulous Art critic-at-large Hello, art-darlings! I hope you’ve all been misbehaving. What better way to liven up those dreary art openings? ...

A.I. Art

A.I. Artist Shocks Humans By: Enton Piddle – Art Auction Specialist It was a shocking scene at the auction house. Minutes after the gavel had come down for the last time on the ...

Art Appreciators

Collectors Appreciate Art Appreciators By: Upton Morless - Marketing News Reporter Art dealer Neo Paleo is starting a new trend in marketing, one that is sure to entice a whole new wave of ...

Cart Art

Homeless Artist's New Cart Art Series By: Villania - Fabulous Art critic-at-large The word is out! The Cart Art series by the man known to his peripatetic acquaintances as “Slump” is being hailed ...

Bullish on Art

Art Market Bullish on Cattle Market By: Villania - Fabulous art critic-at-large Hello, bullish art-darlings! Yes, you've come to the right place, where we’re always bullish on art—from an investment angle of course ...

Crypto NFT Art

Crypto NFT Art for Sale By: Lou Liu - Tech & Finance Jumping onto the cryptocurrency and NFT bandwagon, and using the latest technology, major international art dealer par excellence Howard Wowey has ...

Robot Artist

RobArt the Robot Artist to the Rescue By: Lou Liu - Tech & Finance Avid inventor and genius sushi artist Siseko Yumaki of Japan has invented a powerful tool for artists who are ...

A Beginner’s Guide to the Expert’s Guide to Art

Paleo salon with artworks How Art Collecting Can Be Fun and ProfitableWithout Even Trying It is easy to mistake art appreciation as a dull and solitary preoccupation, but in fact, it can be ...

The Art of Evaluating Art Using Stock Chart Patterns

The painting "Distance" by N. Kavouklés being electronically evaluated Evaluate Artworks Before They Are Evaluated By The Pros By: Lou Liu - Tech & Finance Ever notice the barely audible whispers among hedge ...

A Notable Review of “Melting World” by a Notable Personage

An art expert's insightful musings on an exhibit featuringmixed-media works by an almost-renowned artist whose dubious repute is only slightly worse than that of the art expert. By: Professor Howard Eyno, PhD., Adjunct ...

ED Talks – Hi Tech with Low Expectations

ED Talks in progress Artificial Intelligencefor the Realistically Stupid By: Lou Liu - Tech & Finance Art Twerks and its global mega-subsidiaries in the tech world are considering starting ED - Electronic Device ...

The Art Of Stock Chart Pattern Recognition In Nature

A natural Head & Shoulders formation A New Way of Viewing the World Around Us By: Lou Liu - Tech & Finance As revealed in a previous article, stock chart patterns can be ...

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