ED Talks – Hi Tech with Low Expectations


ED Talks in progress

Artificial Intelligence
for the Realistically Stupid

By: Lou Liu – Tech & Finance

Art Twerks and its global mega-subsidiaries in the tech world are considering starting ED – Electronic Device – Talks, a dialogue platform that would allow AI (Artificial Intelligence) devices to have their own conferences and forums.

This will save us an enormous amount of time and energy we can use to do more important things, like texting and Tweeting while riding in our new self-driving vehicle. These can drive us around aimlessly or perhaps take us to an exciting new locale, predetermined by the guy who hacked into our car computer. Either way, we may not notice until it’s too late. So why worry when AI bots have us covered? They will manage everything while we’re gone.car-auto-suv-street-atificial-intelligence-ai-bots-conference-art-satire-comedy-humor The first ED Talks conference will be devoted to the question: Are the attendees, these very same AI units (or their cousins), actually taking over our minds?

Although we can’t promise the conference will ever really happen, the concept is to facilitate a cross-platform guest-panel expert discussion made up of artificially intelligent computers, robots, and drones that will communicate with each other, to get their unique perspective on the world around us. That should make for an exciting gathering. After all, “AI bots” are people too!

Humans are just soooo retro. ~ Z. Nil

In this rapidly changing world of ours, it’s good to stay abreast of the latest and greatest newsworthy ideas, inventions, and events, lest we are left behind on the trash heap of evolution like the woolly mammoth – a beast that ironically was yuuuge in size but small in potential. In addition to the curve balls constantly being thrown at us by chance and Mother Nature, we also need to take into consideration all the bad choices made by unintelligent bipedal life forms.

At the very least, we at Art Twerks and our knowledgeable “experts” hope to help tweak your sense of humor that you may better weather life’s never-ending and poorly-scripted movie.

Bots to exceed our expectations…and run the world

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