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A.I. Art

A.I. Artist Shocks Humans By: Enton Piddle – Art Auction Specialist It was a shocking scene at the auction house. Minutes after the gavel had come down for the last time on the final...


Robot Artist

RobArt the Robot Artist to the Rescue By: Lou Liu – Tech & Finance Avid inventor and genius sushi artist Siseko Yumaki of Japan has invented a powerful tool for artists who are too...


A Beginner’s Guide to the Expert’s Guide to Art

How Art Collecting Can Be Fun and Profitable Without Even Trying It is easy to mistake art appreciation as a dull and solitary preoccupation, but in fact it can be viewed as a spectator...


The Art Of Stock Chart Pattern Recognition In Nature

 A New Way of Viewing the World Around Us By: Lou Liu – Tech & Finance As revealed in a previous article, stock chart patterns can be quite useful in determining the saleability and/or...


The Art of Evaluating Art Using Stock Chart Patterns

Evaluate Artworks Before They Are Evaluated by the Pros By: Lou Liu – Tech & Finance Ever notice the barely audible whispers among hedge fund managers and other financiers who happen to be present...


Napkin Art

Waiting Artist’s Stained Napkin Art: A Rorschach of Humanity By: Villania – Fabulous Art critic-at-large Hello, art-darlings! I hope you’ve all been misbehaving. What better way to liven up those dreary art openings? My...


Art Appreciators

Collectors Appreciate Art Appreciators By: Upton Morless – Marketing News Reporter Art dealer Neo Paleo is starting a new trend in marketing, one that is sure to entice a whole new wave of art...


Cart Art

Homeless Artist’s New Cart Art Series By: Villania – Fabulous Art critic-at-large The word is out! The Cart Art series by the man known to his peripatetic acquaintances as “Slump” is being hailed by...


A Notable Review of “Melting World” by a Notable Personage

An art expert’s insightful musings on an exhibit featuring mixed-media works by an almost-renowned artist whose dubious repute is only slightly worse than that of the art expert. By: Professor Howard Eyno, PhD., Adjunct...


Bullish on Art

Art Market Bullish on Cattle Market By: Villania – Fabulous art critic-at-large Hello, bullish art-darlings! Yes, you’ve come to the right place, where we’re always bullish on art—from an investment angle of course. This...

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