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News, Research, and Arcana from Professor Gulley Jimson

Gulley’s World on Art Twerks is the place where artists and art lovers can come to learn the secrets of the profession straight from the horse’s mouth–that horse being Professor Gulley Jimson, artist, philosopher, and genius extraordinaire.

Professor Jimson will take you to places you could never have dreamed of in your wildest imagination. Providing you have one, that is. People of dubious repute have even claimed that Gulley’s descriptions of his amazing travels have triggered out-of-body experiences for them.    Who are we to doubt?

To forgive is wisdom, to forget is genius. And easier. Because it’s true. It’s a new world every heart beat.”
~ Joyce Cary, The Horse’s Mouth 

Gulley Jimson will inform us of changes in trends, new discoveries, and fantastic new ideas. Hopefully, some of it will be related to the subject of art. He is still remembered in certain art circles for having developed his revolutionary method of painting the female nude by measuring the subject with his hands, as one would a horse. At least that’s what we were told.

“Modern art is what happens when painters stop looking at girls and persuade themselves they have a better idea.”
John Ciardi

The Professor Knows!


Artist Survey Equipment

Does Your Art Measure Up? By: Prof. Gulley Jimson, RA, Ph.D., AFT, RCA, PADI Greetings, faithful students, and admirers of ...
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Female woman witch doctor book editor

Jimson Painting-Method Book

Excerpts From A Possible New Upcoming Book By: Prof. Gulley Jimson, RA, Ph.D., AFT, RCA, PADI Greetings, faithful students, and ...
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Letter article man wearing turban Renaissance painting

A Letter

This image has absolutely nothing to do with the article on this page. A Reader Responds to Professor Jimson Dear ...
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Artist statement ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs

The Art of the Artist Statement

A well-written artist statement has been known to propel some people into the collectible stratosphere. However, having a few good ...
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arctic pigments color swatch

Arctic Pigments

Arctic Pigments Can Make Your Paintings Glow By: Prof. Gulley Jimson, RA, Ph.D., AFT, RCA, PADI Hello again, dear fans ...
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Swell Idea

Your art will be swell with new high-tech artists' paints By: Prof. Gulley Jimson, RA, Ph.D., AFT, RCA, PADI Hey, ...
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Rare Peruvian Paint Announcement

Exciting Find of Rare Peruvian-ManufacturedArtist's Oil Paints By: Prof. Gulley Jimson, RA, Ph.D., AFT, RCA, PADI I have just discovered ...
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A Study of Fat over Lean

A Lean Señor El Greco and a Fat (ish) Mister Turner Non-Scientific Look at Body Typesand Their Influences on Art ...
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To Varnish or Not to Varnish? That is the Question.

A Most Perplexing Question for the Artist. What's a Painter to Do? By: Prof. Gulley Jimson, RA, Ph.D., AFT, RCA, ...
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