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Art Twerks Dialogues

Extended discussions between famous – and some not-so-famous – persons from around the world and beyond.

Art Twerks Dialogues offer a unique opportunity to “listen in,” as it were, to some of the world’s greatest cultural personages as they interact in lively forums. Employing the art of genteel dialectic, we hope, invited guests will freely discuss their personal and professional views and philosophy toward their specialty or specialties; opinions on the direction of art; things they may not be so good at; their thoughts on personal hygiene; and perhaps even let us in on some gossip regarding the latest argument they had with their lover(s), art dealers, and museum or circus folk.

Quote me as saying I was misquoted. ~ Groucho Marx

The most fascinating and unique aspect of this section is that most of the invited participants are dead and, with exception of one or two, are no longer practicing in their field. This amazing ability to be deceased frees our guests to objectively debate and discuss issues about their work and methodology in a way that they may have felt a little inhibited to do while alive. Except perhaps for the artist Caravaggio, who didn’t need much provocation to act out.

You may be wondering how we accomplish this unique feat. We here at Art Twerks are able to do this with the help of our secret intrafractal time and space method known only to the public by its special code name of “Imagination.” Also, the physical mechanism used at our hidden underground scribing laboratories is super-hush-hush—so much so that even we here at Art Twerks only refer to it as “Mmm…Mmm.”  You may know it as…the brain.

Our revolutionary new tools will allow for some incongruent space-time interaction that would not be possible otherwise.

As regards any possible spillover effect between the extra-dimensional time-phases and our own, there is no need for concern. Our highly professional scientific mediums inform us that all is well and under control, with nothing to fear except occasional outbursts by Caravaggio. However, our cyber-mediums have found a way to soothe even his restless ego. They use hamsters.

We had originally thought of opening up this section to questions for the guest artists, but it soon became apparent that the time-space and inter-dimensional translation algorithms might overload our servers, and annoy Caravaggio. Regardless, we hope you enjoy the dialogues!

Join us for some lively debates by dead artists.

Edvard Munch and Johan August Strindberg

Munch and Strindberg: Two Former Friends Decline to Meet

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Vincent Van Gogh and Robert Walser Discuss “L’Arlésienne”

"L'Arlésienne" by Vincent van Gogh For our first round of dialogues, we have as our guest the posthumously famous Dutch Post-Impressionist painter Vincent Willem van Gogh. Yes, he of the sunflower paintings and of ...

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