Remnants of Things Lost

Stories about artworks that have become
remnants with a mysterious provenance
or are no longer among us.

The remnants we are referring to are not discarded or left-over pieces of fabric or rugs.  Art Twerks Remnants articles pertain to the mysterious, unusual, and sometimes magical happenings that involve a part of the art world that we don’t know – the aspect that is hidden in plain sight and oftentimes eludes us due to our preoccupation with the mundane or the often over-hyped and trivial.

Images in photographs and cinema are nothing but remnants – ghosts, if you will – of others and of ourselves. There is no need to search for apparitions, when we are they.

Looking is not seeing, as searching is not seeking.
~ Z. Nil

Remnants with a mysterious past and dubious provenance are all too common in the art world, and in other fields of study as well. Archeology is a prime example.

Remnants of the past are all around us, but there are also remnants of the future, which have the present as their point of origin. Where you are is founded upon where you’ve been. When we are aware of this, our perception of the world around us becomes keener.

The Mysteriously Lost And Sometimes Found


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