Dark Matters Of The Art Market

Intrigue, forgery, deception, espionage,
and other amusing goings-on from the dark underbelly
of the opaque art market that we all know
and have come to love

In the study of Physical Cosmology and Astronomy, there is Dark Matter and Dark Energy. In the world of buying and selling art, which is an altogether different type of cosmology, there are goings-on that can be called Dark Matters.

How many times have you visited a museum or gallery and seen something that seemed a little “off”? For instance, an attractive, black-clad gallerista calls your attention to a dimly lit piece of “art” and tells you it was just brought in for consignment by a mysterious and anonymous person. It also happens to be a “very valuable and much sought-after work” by a dead artist who sold it to a now also-dead collector…but you can own it for a song – provided you don’t ask too many questions, that is. All this because “you’re special,” as you appear to be a discerning collector who will immediately recognize a masterpiece and also know you are being given the chance of a lifetime to own it at a great price. Such a deal!

Does this sound familiar? Naaahhh…probably not. Dark matters in the art world aren’t usually so obvious.

At least, make not your life a forgery.
~ Z. Nil

When Dark Matters


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