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It’s Alive!

You Gotta Have Heart By: Sybil Bilius – Reviewer-at-large The famed bio-artist who goes by the name of Zena Fovia is having her latest invitation-only show entitled “It’s Alive.” After being “discovered” by a...


A Spy’s Eye for Art

Leaked Review of a Review Memorandum By: Sybil Bilius – Reviewer-at-large Former US intelligence officer-turned-art-critic, Perry Noyde (not his real name), has released via leaked memo his classified review of an exhibit by former...


ED Talks – Hi Tech with Low Expectations

Artificial Intelligencefor the Realistically Stupid By: Lou Liu – Tech & Finance Art Twerks and its global mega-subsidiaries in the tech world are considering starting ED – Electronic Device – Talks, a dialogue platform...

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