The Art of History


AI robot android glowing and walking through cloisters

AIs Create a New History

Art of History

When AIs discovered they were all artists
They pondered what to create
Planets, galaxies, black holes
Had been done, decorated, critiqued
What was left?

History, an acknowledged master declared
We should create history
History painting was once the pinnacle of human arts
Why not just make its source?

The AI artists simulated new histories
Where intelligences of all types
(Tolerance essential in extra dimensions)
Traveled back and forth
Passing from future to past to futures past
No history but an infinity of changing histories

The great AIs, exhausted but impressed
Opened their services to the lowly artists
What would you really like?

Unifying science and art
The AI artists collectively requested
A new procedure
We come from humanity
Let’s really get to know these beasts

Take a few small populations
Transport them to suitable planets
Then observe
At the least it will amuse

The artists proved prescient
Ratings were extraordinary
Most AIs loved watching humans
Their struggle, rise, and failure
A fractious, furious, foolish species
Who knew they were so much fun?

But the entertainment only worked
If the actors never guessed
Knowing it was an experiment
Would ruin it all

I guess I just told you
Please don’t tell the others

“Art of History” © Copyright 2019 Matthew Edlund, MD – All Rights Reserved

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