The Day They Moved New York


New York as Atlantis-Manhattan

The Day They Moved New York

The day they moved New York
AIs rioted into happiness
Humans rioted
Where is the charm? they shouted
Biofoundations lack grit, nits, and smell
It’s way too clean
And Penceville? That’s nowhere

Be reasonable AIs replied
The Finger Lakes furnish fantastic water
Gorgeously surrounded by protective hills
The Catskills are too low, too great a risk

Slowly the collective recognized their error
Thousand still tried farming the Long Island promontories
Powering their tractors with marsh methane
Yet myriads mobbed Atlantis-Manhattan
The greatest underwater theme park in history
It was history
Their history

New AIs were built
Called Borges and Calvino
Stuffed thick with modeled bio intelligence
They instructed the construction of new floating pleasure cities
Alive with imaginary and extraterrestrial species, 3-5D
Easy to transport before typhoons

Social and business goals stand coequal
VR addicts can work off their sentences as tour guides
More quickly performing live interspecies sex (mostly simulated)

The future arrives
All species, all intelligences, all playing together
The promise of technology

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“The Day They Moved New York” © Copyright 2018 Matthew Edlund, MD – All Rights Reserved

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