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Letter article man wearing turban Renaissance painting

A Letter

A Reader Responds to Professor Jimson Dear Professor Jimson, In regard to your most illuminating article on intumescent paints–Swell Idea–and their potential application in the fine arts, I proffer the following observations. 1. You...

Art models walking on a fashion runway

Art Fashion Runway Exhibit

Art For Those Who Are Afraid to Enter Galleries By: Villania – Fabulous Art critic-at-large Hello, all you art fashionistas! Cheer up…here’s some good news. You’ve no doubt noticed the rapid transformation of the...


A Study of Fat over Lean

Non-Scientific Look at Body Typesand Their Influences on Art By: Prof. Gulley Jimson, RA, Ph.D., AFT, RCA, PADI This brief summary of a non-scientific study of Fat over Lean, as reflected in the paintings...

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