Category: Remnants


Mysterious tales from the nether-side of the art world that come from nowhere and return to nowhere.


Making Scents of Art

Review of a uniquely memorable retrospective exhibit that makes scents of it all By: Britt Jester – Sniffer-at-large Regular readers will recall, with a certain amount of olfactory relish, the 1989 exhibit “Noah’s Sweepings,”...

line drawer street angles

The Line Drawer

The Unlikely Rise to Fame (of sorts)of a Humble Line Drawer In the years following the end of World War One—referred to at the time as The Great War, which really wasn’t such a...


The Rediscovered Long-Lost Shoes Of The Invisible Ballerina

An Amazing, Almost True StoryOf A Mysterious Ballerina Medora Nosipova, a supremely gifted ballerina, was said to have pirouetted so rapidly she dissolved in a blur never to be seen again, leaving no trace...


Anarchist Artist’s Priceless Art Collection Destroyed

Anarchist Artist Roils The Art World Shock and disbelief recently hit the art world when it was learned that one of the world’s greatest contemporary artists has immolated his own vast private collection containing...

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