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A.I. Art

A.I. Artist Shocks Humans By: Enton Piddle – Art Auction Specialist It was a shocking scene at the auction house. Minutes after the gavel had come down for the last time on the final...


The Cave and the Sea

The Cave at the Shore of Wonderment Mystery I came for water and found a sea; All round, mysterious infinity. All of a one, the world and me; I sipped of water and drank...


Posthumous Art Profits

Making a Killing from Dead Artists By: Morty Headstone – Deceased artist-at-large Hello, my name was Morty Headstone, and like some of you, I considered myself to be an artist. Or at least I...


Vincent Van Gogh and Robert Walser Discuss “L’Arlésienne”

For our first round of dialogues, we have as our guest the posthumously famous Dutch Post-Impressionist painter Vincent Willem van Gogh. Yes, he of the sunflower paintings and of “L’Arlésienne” fame. Joining him is...

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