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Jimson Painting-Method Book

Excerpts From A Possible New Upcoming Book By: Prof. Gulley Jimson, RA, Ph.D., AFT, RCA, PADI Greetings, faithful students, and admirers of all things Jimson. In this installment on Art Twerks, I hope to...

Art models walking on a fashion runway

Art Fashion Runway Exhibit

Art For Those Who Are Afraid to Enter Galleries By: Villania – Fabulous Art critic-at-large Hello, all you art fashionistas! Cheer up…here’s some good news. You’ve no doubt noticed the rapid transformation of the...

line drawer street angles

The Line Drawer

The Unlikely Rise to Fame (of sorts) of a Humble Line Drawer In the years following the end of World War One—referred to at the time as The Great War, which really wasn’t such...

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